Conjuring images of a young George Harrison sporting a Gretsch 6119 onstage back in the '60's, we couldn't help but smile when this  '62 6119 recently came in on consignment. Now if we could only play and write like George...

It's hard to deny the classic beauty of this guitar, made even more so by the mahogany brown finish. It's aged beautifully - light weather checking, finish worn through on the back of the neck from years of play, gorgeous tarnished hardware....just like people, some guitars age better than others.

Plugged in, it's easy to see why these guitars are legendary. This model sports a lower output set of HiLo 'Tron pickups (lower than the Filter'Trons typically found in Gretsch guitars). They're full of chime, an open / articulate top end, percussive's that classic early rock, Rockabilly, Chet / Beatles tone, and it's incredibly inspiring and rewarding. Even playing it acoustically is fun - it's quite loud, negating the need for an amp for late night practice or when you get a idea you want to work out but don't want to plug in.

Condition: All original save for replaced/repro on-off switch, replaced output jack, moderate fret wear, very light finish swirls/scuffs/light worming on the back (the back of the neck is smooth). 

If you've been on the hunt for a vintage Gretsch, this '62 6119 should definitely be on your list! One of the cooler Gretsch's we've had in recent memory. Priced with original hardshell case. 


  • SN 49341

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