Gibson SG Cherry (1963)



This 1963 Gibson SG must've looked pretty menacing to would-be guitar players living in the era of Beatle-mania, Martin Luther King, Kennedy, and the Beach Boys. Its immediately identifiable sharp double-cutaway horns have easily made it one of the most iconic electric guitars in history. Just the sight of one conjures up legions of players (and to be sure, a ton of players of all stripes have used an SG) from Angus to Rosetta, Garcia to Trucks, Clapton to Easton, Frisell to Zappa, the list goes on...

...and for good reason. The SG was intended to replace the Les Paul, pretty big shoes to fill, and it certainly retains a lot of the fat midrange and punch of its predecessor, but also adds an extended top end clarity and bite lacking in most Les Pauls. While you can certainly use it for clean tones (but come on now), SG's excel at cranked amp tones. Be sure to check out our demo video with Duke Levine - Boston-based great who just wrapped up a run of dates with Peter Wolf (opening for The Who, no less). Fair warning? His Badfinger riffing will make you want this guitar...badly. But that's the whole point, no?

Condition: Very good to excellent. This all-original, two owner guitar (the second owner bought it from his neighbor is the mid-60s) shows normal signs of wear with no breaks or repairs. The frets show a bit of wear (no divots), and all electronics work as they should.

You know it, you love it. Time to dust off that Back In Black riff and add this piece of rock n roll history to your collection! Priced with the original case. 

Duke's rig: Victoria Club Deluxe w/a Jam Pedals Rattler Distortion


  • SN: 135404

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