Sitting down with this gently used 2013 '59 Reissue (R9) for the first time, we were immediately struck by how loud and open it sounds when just playing unplugged. Great Les Paul's, in our experience, tend to have a bit of Telecaster snap to them - they're brighter and more open than you'd expect. 

Plugged in? Fantastic. Great LP midrange punch and that top-end clarity we were talking about. It's a very resonant, open sounding instrument that sounds great either overdriven or clean (something some LP's can struggle with). Think Dicky Betts' tone - that's the sort of tone we were hearing from this LP. Inspiring? Absolutely.

Condition: Excellent. Minor finish swirling, very light worming on the back near the control cavity, no fret wear. The setup feels great. 

Simply a killer Les Paul! Priced with hardshell case.


  • 8lbs 10oz
  • SN 9 3465

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