Gibson ES-355TDSV (1959)

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1959: Alaska became our 49th state, Hawaii became our 50th....The Twilight Zone and Bonanza were on the tele...gas was $.25 a gallon...the average new house cost $12,400...the average wage was $5,010...Ray Charles and Elvis were on the radio...Miles released Kind of Blue...and of course, this gorgeous ES-355TDSV was made. 

Essentially an ES-335 with a few key differences - stereo output, a 6 position Vari-tone, block inlays, and a split-diamond inlay on the headstock - the Gibson ES-355 was destined for greatness the second a young B.B. King strapped one on in the early '60s. 

It's amazing to sit down with a guitar like this - a guitar that pre-dates the Stones and the Beatles - and be met with that sound. We've all heard it, chased it, been moved by it. Local guitar legend, Duke Levine, takes it for a spin in our demo video simply sounds unreal. Definitely take a moment to watch...

Condition: Excellent, all original. Aside from expected, and light, wear due to its age, there's nothing here that gives us a moment of concern. The original frets do show a bit of wear, but the guitar still plays great as evidenced in our demo video. The original hardshell case is included and looks to have a repaired handle. Please note that you'll need a stereo cable to properly operate this guitar. 

Simply a fantastic example of a vintage Gibson semi-hollow from the golden-era of Gibson! 


  • SN: A 31524
  • 10lbs 1oz
  • 1 11/16" nut
  • Original humbuckers 
  • Stereo output w/Vari-tone

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