Gibson ES-335 Sparkling Burgundy (1967)



Few custom colors get us drooling quite like the beautifully aged Sparkling Burgundy on this 1967 Gibson ES-335. Fortunately, the vibes aren't just skin/finish deep - this guitar plays and sounds equally as great. 

While some players prefer a 335 with a 1 11/16th nut, we found the 1 9/16" nut on this guitar, combined with a fairly chunky neck carve, plays really well and doesn't feel cramped to us at all. It really helps the narrower nut when the neck is chunky as the shoulder of the carve helps fill out the shape when playing. Honestly? Unless you have specific requirements left-hand wise, you may not be the wiser if you just picked it up in the shop and started playing. The back of the neck is worn nicely which also adds to the broken-in, easy to navigate feel. 

Through our trusty Victoria Vicky Verb we were met with classic 335 tones - midrange focused, punchy, great bite on the bridge pickup, round and warm tones on the neck pickup. Great clean or overdriven, this 335 makes good on the long-held view that 335s are incredibly versatile.  

Condition: Good; very little finish checking; no fret wear on the medium/low frets. Tuners were replaced. 

Players looking to get into a vintage guitar without breaking into 5-digit prices or anyone looking for a great semi-hollowbody would be wise to check this beautiful 335 out - it's got the mojo in the looks, feel, and tones department. Priced with hardshell case. 


  • SN 109988
  • Maple laminate body
  • Mahogany neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard
  • C shaped neck
  • 1 9/16" nut width 
  • 12" radius

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