Rusty Anderson is a guitarist's guitarist. Most know him as Paul McCartney's lead guitarist, a gig he's held since 2001 and...I mean, what more do you need to know about his credibility, right? Sir McCartney's gig aside, Rusty has played with a ton of other A-list artists over his career. Point being, he knows music and guitars, so when Gibson made a signature model for him, ears perked up (ours included). 

What makes this sought after/out of production guitar so great is that it's modeled after Rusty's personal vintage 335, right down to the modified neck shape and custom wound humbuckers. To cut to the chase, this is a newer production ES-335 that feels a heck of a lot like a vintage 335 or an equally desirable '82 335 - and - it's super lightweight (under 8lbs!). It's easy to see why folks rave about this model - it's just right. Not "close, but...." or "it's almost there if only...." it's just a killer 335, period. 

The tones are phenomenal. Smokey, warm, fat...all the things great 335s are known for. Again, to be expected given that this guitar is meant to feel, play, and sound like a great vintage specimen. 

Condition: Very good. There's light buckle rash on the back and a few marks on the finish here/there. Nothing major or concerning (and we're being conservative by saying "very good"). There's a touch of light fret wear, but again, nothing concerning w/plenty of life left. The setup is spot on and feels great. 

The Gibson ES-335 is such an iconic model that little needs to be said other than Gibson got it right with the Rusty Anderson Signature - our impression was, what more do you want from a 335?! Priced with hardshell case.


  • SN RA199
  • Laminated maple body (classic "Micky Mouse" cutaway) 
  • Mahogany neck 
  • Custom-wound humbuckers with CTS pots and Bumblebee caps
  • "No wire" ABR bridge 
  • Hardshell case

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