Chad Underwood has been making replica instruments for high profile players for years though he tends to fly under the radar more than makers like Danocaster or Bill Nash. Long story short? His work is simply outstanding. Case in point? This killer 60s style Fiesta Red S-Style. 

We recently had a real '64 Fiesta Red Strat in the shop so it was fun to compare the two guitars. Chad simply nailed the Fiesta Red on this guitar! His relic'ing work is phenomenal and incredibly realistic (easily on par with Danocaster's work which is also outstanding). The main thing that really strays from a true 60s Strat is Chad's neck carve - it's much chunkier than you'd find on a guitar from this era. 

Beyond his amazing finishing/aging abilities, Chad's setups are what separate him from other makers. The fretwork on the chunky neck is incredible, creating a really easy to play, fun, and rewarding guitar. Super resonant and alive, this guitar is inspiring whether plugged in or played acoustically on the couch. 

The electronics consist of Jason Lollar's 60's style blackface pickups coupled with a Clapton-style TBX/Boost system. The middle tone control adjusts the EQ and the second tone control adjusts the very healthy boost. Suffice it to say, you can slam the front end of your amp for lead work and/or adjust the level of midrange to help balance the guitar with your chosen amp. A very cool, very versatile setup that makes this beauty even more desirable.

Quick note: This is not an actual Fender though the headstock sports a Fender logo. Chad uses high quality bodies & necks and finishes & assembles them into these amazing guitars. He no longer uses the Fender logos or headstock shape (for obvious reasons). For some, this makes this era of Underwood more desirable. 

If you're in the market for an awesome, authentic looking, inspiring Strat....look no further. Chad Underwood is a master of this style of guitar, no question. Priced with a Coffin hardshell case. 



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