Asher T-Deluxe Butterscotch



"My passion for restoring and building instruments began in 1982. I have worked for numerous artists who have shaped and inspired the guitars I build today. My designs offer the revered tones and iconic vibe found in great vintage instruments, coupled with refined solid construction, boutique electronics and custom feel." - Bill Asher

Bill Asher's T-Deluxe model is one of our all-time favorite Asher designs and we're loving his new headstock design. Driven by player requests, this new 6 in-line headstock is stock on all T-Deluxe models (the previous 3-on-a-side design being reserved for the Master Series guitars).

Using the legendary Fender T-style guitars as a leaping off point, Bill has really put his own spin on this style of guitar. The offset body balances beautifully and the overall feel of the T-Deluxe is more deluxe than your average Telecaster. What does remain is the versatility of a great Tele, though Bill has even pushed that further than the originals with his choice of Vintage Vibe's wonderful T-Blade pickups and 10 position varitone switch. 

Played acoustically, this guitar has all the liveliness and snap you'd expect from a great Swamp Ash bodied Tele-style guitar. The 60's C shaped neck carve, 12" radius neck feels incredible - gently broken-in, with a nod toward modern playability (given the radius). 

The T Blade pickups sound amazing- think P90-meets-Tele. Lots of Tele snap and twang crossed with the forward, aggressive-when-you-want-it-midrange of a great set of P90s. Mix in a 6 position Tonestyler-esq circuit (chicken head knob), which acts much like a wah-wah pedal, and you can achieve anything from Tele to Junior to faux archtop to controlled (read: useable in a live setting) fuzz tones. 

The T-Deluxe is a killer Tele-style guitar for folks looking to buck tradition. Highly recommend checking one out! Priced with G&G hardshell case. 


  • Body: Select 2 piece Swamp Ash
  • Finish: Butterscotch Nitro
  • Neck: Maple slab cut, 1 piece 
  • Neck Shape: 60's C
  • Radius: 12"
  • Frets: Dunlop 6155
  • Tuners: Kluson 6 in line
  • Nut Width: 1 5/8"
  • Pickups: Vintage Vibe T-Blade
  • Pickguard: Bakelite
  • Switches: 3 way
  • Veritone: 10 position
  • Case: G&G Standard
  • Weight: 7lbs 4oz

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