Artinger Standard Hollow Mahogany (2016)



Very excited to have our first Matt Artinger built guitar in the shop (on consignment)! Matt has built a reputation in the boutique guitar world for making forward-thinking, exquisitely built custom instruments. Exhibit A? This excellent condition, 2016 mahogany Standard Hollow. 

This style of guitar was made famous by players like Trey Anastasio of Phish - meaning - a hollow-body electric that sits somewhere between an archtop and, say, an ES-335 and is famous for its seemingly infinite sustain and gorgeous aesthetic (Trey actually plays a Languedoc).

The quality of Matt's work is obvious the second you pick it up, as is the light-as-air weight (5lbs 8oz). Details include a scalloped nut, fretboard and headstock purfling, the beautifully slotted headstock, and sculpted back...the eye candy is very tastefully done and brings the intended custom elements of Matt's work.

Played acoustically, the Standard Hollow has a loud, clear, papery-mids drenched voice. If you're anything like us, you split your time playing quietly as to not disturb the kids/significant other, and through an amp at stage volume. Plugged in, that classic mahogany warmth revealed itself - fat, round, rich tones in spades. Coupled with a 25" scale, there's a great mix of snap and punch on tap. Anything from jazz chord solos to Trey-approved lead work are possible and the mini-toggles (which are assigned to each pickup - splitting, etc...) really open up what's possible with this guitar. 

The neck is slender a la Gibson's slim-taper neck carve, and while we prefer fatter/rounder shapes, we felt right at home on this flatter/wider carve. Excellent for tricky chord passages, chord solos, or just straight-up single note lead runs. 

Condition: Excellent. Light sings of use include a few subtle/minor indentations on the back of the neck (you won't notice them when playing), and some pick scratches under the high e string. The consignor is a pit musician so this guitar was well taken care of. 

As you can probably tell, we're really impressed with Matt Artinger's work and would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for Trey's vibe or you're tired of lugging that 17" archtop to your gigs. Priced with original hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please. 


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