First introduced in 1955, and in full production in '56, the D-21 was offered up as a slightly more affordable version of the ever-popular D-28. It seems strange to think that swapping out rosewood for ebony in the fingerboard and bridge would offer that much in the way of savings but hey, those we're different times! What some fail to recognize though is the change wasn't merely cosmetic. Rosewood, being the slightly softer wood, imparted a warmer, sweeter tone compared to the D-28. For those reluctant to relinquish their D-18's because of that familiar warmth, the D-21 offered up the best of both worlds: bigger and bolder, and yet still soft and slightly subdued. And even after 60 years, 21-style Martins are still more affordable!

This D-21 has been nicely maintained and has all its originality in tact. A neck reset was performed at some time in the past and one can see subtle signs of that work. Otherwise, it's in lovely  condition. Wear in places you'd expect for a guitar of this age: some buckle wear on the back, various dings, and dents, but no structural issues, cracks or funky repairs. The action is comfortable and within dreadnought specs, with room to go down if one desired. And the Brazilian is typical for the period--perfectly quartersawn and drop-dead gorgeous! The case is a non-original but period-correct hard shell.


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