Paddy Burgin builds a handful of Weissenborn guitars in his New Zealand shop and we're proud to be his only US dealer. Favored by David Lindley and featured in Fretboard Journal, these guitars have been the perennial favorite amongst acoustic lap aficionados.

Burgin makes a deeper-than-standard Weissenborn-style lap acoustic, tuned to open D, or Dobro's G tuning, or any wild derivative thereof. Sonically it is very impressive. The deeper body means that the guitar has serious internal air volume, and just pushes single note lines in a throaty, resonant way. Perhaps most notable: the guitar gets louder and better as you slide up the neck, usually where most warm, woody Weissenborns get weak. Most delightful for slide players!!

Clean, beautiful construction throughout.
Mahogany top, back and sides
Rope binding
Lightweight hard-shell case included


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