Ryan Nightingale Grand Soloist Honduran Rosewood



It's hard to quantify why but Honduran Rosewood guitars always seem to have something special about them.  For the most recent example look no further this stunning new guitar from Kevin Ryan.  This surely must be one of the most spectacularly figured sets we've seen to date, with beautiful sapwood markings and figure throughout.  The sound is lush, rich, and harmonically complex: all hallmarks of what we've come to expect from a great Honduran Rosewood guitar.  Like all of Kevin's Nightingale models this instrument is versatile enough for a number of playing styles, but really shines when played fingerstyle given it's even voicing and responsiveness to the lightest touch.  Incredibly dynamic and effortless to play this is a hard guitar to put down and an absolute must-play if you aren't already familiar with Ryan guitars. Priced with new Calton Case.


  • Adirondack Spruce Top
  • Honduran Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Ventian Cutaway
  • Inlay Upgrade Package: Headstock, Fretboard, Soundboard, Outer Circlet
  • Ebony Box Binding including Bevel & Acoustic Flutes
  • Deco Fretboard Inlay
  • Super 510 Gotoh Tuners
  • 1 3/4" Nut
  • Deluxe Calton Case

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