Chelsea, VT

Santa Cruz Guitars at The Music Emporium
The best thing to come out of Vermont since, well, ever!

What does one do in NYC, fresh out of college with a psychology and English degree in the early 70's? Get into guitar building of course! That's at a least what Michael Millard of Froggy Bottom Guitars did. He began his career working alongside early guitar innovator, Michael Gurian, and they eventually partnered and began what was on of America's first small artisan guitar factories, Gurian Guitars, in northern Vermont. After Gurian's dissolution, Michael continued on his own and has never looked back. He's one of the few luthiers in today's over-crowded field, who successfully  eschews the modern machinery and tooling that seems to homogenize much of the 20th century guitar world. His is a craft rooted in old world design and techniques and it's evident in the earthy, organic, woodsy sound of his guitars. Dark, rich, and complex, Froggy Bottom Guitars come with a lifetime's worth of tonal discoveries.