Cioks DC10 Link Power Supply

Cioks DC10 Link Power Supply

Cioks DC10 Link Power Supply

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Following the success of the original DC10, the new CIOKS DC10 Link Power Supply features ten isolated outlets with a maximum total of 2800mA output current. It has adjustable 9V to 24V DC outlets that could power standard low-to-high current stompboxes. It is even compatible with pedals that have non-standard voltages such as 15V Tonebones, 22V Blackstar, or 24V GLAB GSC-4 controller.

The DC10 Link features a courtesy AC mains outlet, which allows you to connect two or more power supplies together via a single mains power cord. You can customize your rig's power bank to match its specific needs. It also comes with an onboard mA-meter that measures your pedals' current draw, informing you which correct outlet should be used. For example, DC10 Link will tell you to connect a 160mA pedal into a 400mA output instead of using the 200mA outlet. This way, you don't go "wasting" any power.

A great and welcome feature of this DC10 Link (and all CIOKS power supplies) is their compatibility with Temple Audio pedalboards. All CIOKS power supplies include mounting hardware to direct-mount your power supply to the underside of any Temple pedalboard, making the two a perfect pair when it comes to building your new effects rig. Simply line up the mounting holes in your CIOKS power supply with the perforated grid of your Temple board and secure it with the included M4 screws. How easy is that?!

So who is this power supply for? Those that want a full suite of power outlets for a medium to large size pedalboard and pedals with varying degrees of power consumption will find the DC10 Link a great fit.

  • Pedalboards Compatible With: Temple Audio or Pedaltrain
  • Pedals Compatible With: BOSS, EHX, GLAB, Tonebones, Blackstar, and more
  • AC Input: 110~120V AC 60Hz or 220~240V AC 50Hz, Max 50W
  • Outputs 1~2: 9V DC / 100mA | Outputs 3~4: 9 or 12V DC / 100mA | Outputs 5~6: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA | Output 7: 9 or 12V DC / 400mA | Outputs 8~9: 9V DC / 400mA | Output 10: Adjustable 9~24V DC / 800~300mA (max 7.2W)
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 3.5 x 1.7" (Excluding Rubber Feet)
  • Weight: 2.6 lb

Comes With:

  • Mains power cord
  • 17 Flex Cables
  • Pedalboard Mounting Hardware: screws, washers, stand-offs, hex key
  • User Manual
  • Drill Template (Product Sheet)
  • Flex Guide

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