Victoria Electro King

Victoria Electro King
Victoria Electro King
Victoria Electro King
Victoria Electro King
Electric Amp

Victoria Electro King

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15 Watts
Tube Type
1957 GA-40 Type
12" Eminence

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The Electro King is Victoria's take on the Gibson GA-40, albeit featuring a major upgrade in component quality, construction, and reliability.

Why We Love This

Fans of the underrated yet equally tone-tastic Gibson amplifers recognize the GA-40 Les Paul amp as one of the best sounding tube combos of all time, and for good reason! With its twin pentode preamp section, large cabinet and luscious tube tremolo, the GA-40 has long since given the Fender Deluxe and Tremolux a run for its money.

Thick, syrupy clean tones emerge at lower volumes, with some ferocious drive and bite further up the dial. The 5879 preamp tube offers up more overall gain and a touch more added harmonics than a 12AX7, and the Electro King's magic comes alive at those higher volumes. Tube tremolo driven by the 6SQ7 (just like the original GA-40s) reminds us a little of the early Fender tube-driven tremolo combos of the late 50s, but gives up a deeper, richer throb. These amps are great for early jump blues, western swing, and country, but can undoubtedly offer up a great voice in R&B, Americana, and good old fashioned Rock n Roll. We LOVE the sound of a great Telecaster into one of these!

Aesthetically? What more could you want!? The gorgeous two-tone look of the brown faux Alligator tolex atop the smooth Blonde tolex is a sure standout. Let's face it- those original Gibson two-tone cabinets are nothing but class, and Mark has carried over that look into his own amps.


Normal Channel Volume / Tremolo Channel Volume / Voicing / Trem Depth / Trem Frequency
5Y3 / 6V6 / 12AX7 / 6SQ7 / 5879
Tremolo (2) & Normal (2)
15 Watts
12" Eminence Legend
20.5” x 23.5″ x 10.5″

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