Universal Audio Golden Reverb

Universal Audio Golden Reverb

Universal Audio Golden Reverb

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9v DC
Power Draw
400 mA
Live & Preset

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Built upon the powerful UAFX dual‑engine processing and unprecedented levels of sonic authenticity, Golden Reverberator is a flagship, no‑compromise reverb unit, built to inspire you for decades.

Why We Love This

Harnessing more than 20 years of reverb modeling expertise, UAFX Golden Reverberator puts a trio of iconic reverbs right at your feet. The tube-driven spring reverb of classic ’60s guitar amps. The dense and haunting sound of ’50s studio plate reverbs. The endless algorithmic wonder of early digital reverb hardware.

Spring 65

The tube-driven spring reverb from classic '60s American guitar amps is a heavenly sound like no other. But no two spring reverb tanks sound alike. So UA auditioned over two dozen tanks ultimately handpicking and modeling three tanks from a trio of vintage amps.

Plate 140

The haunting sound of late-1950s studio plate reverb is integral to more than 60 years of classic recorded guitar tones. Golden Reverberator's three uniquely voiced plates — sourced from The Plant recording studio in California — frame your tones in hazy ambience as warm as the midday sun. You can also easily add ripples of rich analog modulation to add texture.

Hall 224

Golden Reverberator's Hall 224 effect gives you the exact bit-for-bit algorithms of a studio staple - with all of their lush and grainy trails and mesmerizing modulation textures.

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