Jam Pedals Red Muck Fuzz mk.2

Jam Pedals Red Muck Fuzz mk.2

Jam Pedals Red Muck Fuzz mk.2

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Inspired from the circuits of the '71 "triangle" and the later "Red Army / Civil War" Muff, the new Red Muck Mk.2 now comes with a wider gamut of saturation, compression and sustain on tap, accessible by the boost footswitch an 2-way toggle switch.

The boost footswitch engages a dedicated section of the circuit, separately tuned to hit the front end of the Red Muck, while the 2-way toggle switch selects between symmetrical (exactly like the Red Muck Mk.1) and asymmetrical labeled "+" clipping modes. 

From lyrical Gilmour tones to massive Stoner-Fuzz-Distortion wall of sound, this is it!

**NOTE: Pedal artwork subject to change** 

"...the Red Muck has POWER!!!" - Greg Koch

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