Victoria Amps and the Art of Wiring

We're huge fans of Mark Baier's wonderful Victoria amps here at TME. Mark's amps capture that legendary 50s tweed magic in a way few builders, if any, have.

From the beautifully constructed pine cabinets down to the period-correct transformers, these amps are a huge reminder that an amp can be, and should be, every bit as much of an instrument as the guitar you're plugging into it. As many players can attest, amps aren't simply "boxes" that make you louder. They have their own feel, complexity, and responsiveness that can end up being the perfect partner for your carefully chosen guitar.

Our hope with this photo blog is to shed some light on just how much skill and care go into each Victoria we stock. Amps can be tricky to fully appreciate on a showroom floor, especially tweed amps, due to only seeing a row of similar looking cabinets. One peek under the hood of these hardwired beauties reveals just how beautiful and complex they are, and like a great guitar, how difficult they can be to get right. And let's face it, it's just cool to see how immaculate the wiring is inside these killer amps!

What follows is a in-progress photo documentary of a Regal amp coming to life. Enjoy!






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