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DMO & Skylighter Models

Eliot Hunt | January 16, 2024

One of the coolest things about the electric guitar is just how malleable they are with regard to design - a quick look through any “History of the Electric Guitar” style book at your local bookstore will reveal this truism. Sure, we’re all accustomed to seeing the classic designs from Fender, Gibson, Gretsch - and rightfully so - but look just beneath the surface you’ll find the work of visionaries like Paul Bigsby, Antonio Vandrè Pioli to name but two. Point being, there is a lot of room for creativity regarding what an electric guitar can be.

1951 Bigsby Jack Parsons Guitar
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1960's Wandre Spazial Guitar
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Enter Eugene, Oregon-based master builder, Joe Parker.

Utilizing tried and true techniques and materials like bolt-neck construction, a 25 1/2” scale length, and traditional tone-woods, Joe has created several models that look at once modern, yet like they could have come from a long-lost 60s maker. Joe's visual language is extraordinary - attention to detail is the name of the game here. His use of deep German Carves on both the top and back of the bodies create a lot of movement and depth, while also keeping the player’s comfort in mind.

We just received 3 new guitars from Joe and cannot recommend them highly enough. They're remarkably musical instruments with a solid, stout feel, incredible setups, playability, and tones.

"This guitar is just phenomenal. Can’t even describe it. I will make a 'look at my new baby post' soon when I can do it justice. This guitar is ridiculously good!!!!!!!"

Steve Nall | Director of Manufacturing, Collings Guitars

"Proud to play the guitar Joe built, it feels like my other arm."

Dave Rosser | Guitarist, Afghan Whigs/Twilight Singers/Gutter Twins

"Sometimes you pick up a guitar and know you will keep it for the rest of your days...nothing comes close to my Goldfoil-equipped Magretti for ease of play, speed, feel, and sound."

Dean Wareham | Guitarist, Luna/Galaxy 500

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Joe has delivered one of our favorite S-Style guitars to date. If you're into Fenders, Gibsons, and Gretsch guitars (and who isn't?), read on.
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The visual language of the DMO, pictured here in a gorgeous Silver Metal Flake, is extraordinary - attention to detail is the name of the game here.
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Gorgeous design meets gig-worthy performance in this stunning DMO model.