TME Journal



Hidden Gems #18 | Hidden Gems is a series we started based on a simple idea: we each take a turn at sharing our current favorite instrument(s) in the shop. A bit of a show-and-tell, if you will.

L-36 Reserve


"Every Atkin guitar that arrives at the shop has a special character. I describe these guitars as having an old soul. As new, they already feel old and comfortably played in. This little L-36 is no exception. It's easy to play with a well balanced tone and volume that belies its small size. On the hunt, one looks for an instrument that gives back. This guitar -- as all Atkins do-- rewards the player with an inspiring playing experience that is instantly recognizable and hard to put down."
Panoramic Stereo


"Here's an amp that I use on a nearly daily basis. Truly inspiring to play, I feel this is a *perfect* club amp for gigging. It is a stereo amp with two dedicated amps, one pushing each 10" speaker. This really comes into play when engaging the pitch shifting vibrato, which sounds somewhere between a Leslie speaker and brownface harmonic tremolo. There's really nothing like it. The reverb goes beyond Fender depth and adds a ton of dimension to the crisp EL84 tone. I always get compliments on the amp when I play it. This is a forever amp."

Andrew Stern

Be sure to check out Andrew's site to learn more about his background, upcoming gigs, and recordings.


"This amp is near and dear to me. I've owned one for nearly 20 years and it has been a steady companion. I've used it for practicing, recording and even small/quiet gigs. There's something about this single-ended amp thru an 8" speaker that can't be replicated. I've tried a few times to get this tone in a bigger/louder format and have never truly captured the magic that this thing has going on. The primitive reverb (the tank is housed in a cardboard box!) is dark and haunting. And the tremolo has serious vintage throb. There is a ton of vibe in this little box-- literally a hidden gem of vintage amps."
Mono Volume S


"I like using a volume pedal at the beginning of my signal chain, whether for swells, adjusting tone/volume while my hands are full or to simply kill the sound. This recent addition to the Lehle line is a smaller format and fits very nicely on my board. It is fully transparent and no strings, no pots means no hassles. Highly recommended."