George Lowden 70th Birthday Limited Edition

All of us here at TME would like to extend our warmest birthday wishes to George Lowden, as he celebrates his 70th trip around the sun. Words like "legend" certainly get tossed around a lot in the gutiaroshpere; but we feel that title is aptly applied to Mr. Lowden. We're proud to have been his first U.S.-based dealer, and continue to recommend his instruments enthusiastically on what seems like a daily basis. A common quip you'll hear around TME goes something like this: "What's the best thing you can say about a Lowden? They're not like anything else." A Lowden has its own voice that has become a benchmark of its own when people talk about the tone of a modern guitar. And in a crowded marketplace, that's why we keep coming back to them.

Lowden Guitars will be offering a limited run of instruments commemorating this momentous occasion. You guessed it: 70 guitars altogether. TME is slated to receive an F-50, in Guatemalan Rosewood & Sitka Spruce, priced at $11,155.00. Although the guitar isn't in the showroom yet, interested parties are welcome to contact us to reserve it. You can read more about the special features of the George Lowden 70th Birthday Limited Edition on the Lowden Guitars website by clicking here

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