Family Heirloom Vintage Martins at TME

Hunting for that elusive gem of an old Martin guitar can be a frustrating endeavor. Naturally, we all covet them for their wonderful, inimitable sound. But in a perfect world, you'd like one with a story, some provenance, and, let's be honest, a clean bill of health in the "repair history" department.

Regardless of what you've heard: they're still out there. Great vintage guitars have been hard to come by over the last couple years, but three lovely old Martins walked into the shop over the recent months ... all of them from our (relative) backyard.

If you're looking for a D-18, a rosewood 000, or an all-mahogany 00, we invite you to peruse the listings for these guitars. All of them have just had their first significant repairs, done by techs we know and trust, and most importantly ~ they've got the sound and setups we all want to experience from strum number one.

If you're interested in an in-hand description, please call us and ask for Andy.

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