We've been aware of Teye guitars for some time and are thrilled to have our second, like-new one in the shop! 

Picking up where Zemaitis guitars left off, each Teye sports beautiful laser etched aluminum plates, easily their most distinctive visual component (for obvious reasons). Once you have one in-hand, you start to get a better idea of the complete picture - there are a lot of details that go far beyond just visual, making these incredibly soulful, versatile instruments. 

This guitar has a handmade vibe in the best way - you can tell a human being made this and not a computer controlled machine. You notice this most in the overall feel of the guitar. It's an addictive, slinky feel that makes lead and chord work a breeze. Astute players will notice the slanted single coil pickups owe their inspiration to Hendrix's flipped-over Strat (righty played lefty as we know). 

The neck carve is very similar to an early 60s Strat, just a touch flatter on the back. A very comfy carve to be sure. It's likely perfect for most players as it straddles the not too fat / not too skinny line brilliantly. We really enjoyed the satin feel of the finish as well - no sticky neck blues here. 

Plugged in is when you really start to get what this guitar is all about - versatility. There are 4 Lollar single-coil pickups, a 5-way switch, 1 Volume, 1 Tone, and the most defining tonal feature: 1 "Mood" knob. The Mood knob is an incredibly powerful EQ knob that allows you to dial in fat/boosted Strat-meets-P90 tones, or, roll it off to get more traditional Strat cluck. One things for sure, there are no weak or anemic Strat tones to be had with the Gypsy Queen - this is a monster of a guitar!

Condition: Excellent. Only light signs of prior use are present, namely on the engraved aluminum plates (much like pickguard wear). Frets are perfect and all electronics work as they should. 

Combined with striking visuals, a soulful handmade build, and an excellent setup, this is an extremely cool guitar. Easy to see why Teye has carved out such an excellent reputation! Priced with hardshell case. 

On consignment, no trades please. 


  • Spanish Cedar body and top w/"Shipwreck" finish
  • Heavily engraved aluminum plate, top/back
  • Maple neck and headstock w/heavily engraved aluminum headstock overlay
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard w/"Bedouin" pearl inlays
  • 4 Lollar single-coils 
  • 5-way switch 
  • Vol, Tone, "Mood" Control 
  • Wilkinson WVS 50 IIK Bridge 
  • Grover mini-Rotomatic tuners 
  • 6lbs 15oz

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