Being fans of the Beatles, Petty, REM, The Who, The Smiths...naturally we're Rickenbacker fans. There's something about the look, and of course the tone, that is truly captivating. Our weak spot? The Rose Morris 1997 with its distinctive F-hole (instead of the "Cat Eye"). Those images of Townshend windmilling away on one are so iconic, right? The very definition of cool. 

Rose Morris? 1997? Isn't this a 330? Whats the story here? 

Yes, this 1964 "1997 / Rose Morris" model is just the export version of the classic Ric 330 model which was distributed by the UK company, Rose Morris. The main difference between the export version and the US version is the aforementioned F-hole. 

Rics are known for their chimey tone, and the "toaster" pickups on this '64 1997 don't disappoint. Lower output, beautiful top end....get thee to the nearest Vox amp and dig in. Brit Pop fan? Throw a delay, overdrive, maybe a chorus and/or compressor before said Vox? You'll nail half the 90's Brit Pop catalog. 

Condition: Excellent condition, very little wear to speak of - especially for a 55 year old guitar. Very little fret wear. Electronics work as they should. All-original, including factory tremolo, save pot looks to have been changed and one pickup lead has a little duct tape on it...the pickups look period-correct though the tape is a mystery. The setup is fantastic - this is a really easy playing guitar. 

Looking for a piece of rock n roll history? Don't let this ultra-clean Rickenbacker pass you by! Priced with non-original gig bag. Original case is not included. 



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