We're very excited to have our first guitar from legendary builder John Bolin in the shop - a stunning '56 LP-syle!

Since 1978, Bolin has built some of the most innovative guitars in rock n roll history. A list of their satisfied customers include - Billy F. Gibbons (most, if not all, of those incredibly cool / wild guitars Billy plays on stage were built by John), Jimmy Page, Steve Miller, Dusty Hill, Lou Reed, Doc Watson, Albert King, Bo Diddley, Joe Perry, and Keef and Ronnie from the Stones. 

When sitting down for an extended playing session (perk of the job, what can we say?), our eyes immediately jumped to the super clean binding work and how it blends with the dark fretboard, the clean inlay work, the ambered 50s P90 covers, really clean nut work (looks like the classic 6/6 nylon), and the jewel-like red top - it's just a stunning guitar in person. The top has the perfect amount of subtle-yet-deep 3D flame...eye candy for days.  

The neck carve feels a touch more like an early 60s style carve - not quite as beefy as its late 50s cousins, but very comfortable and most players should feel right at home on it. The setup feels great and lends itself well to lead or chord work. It's an easy playing, slinky feeling guitar that pushes back just enough to let you pound out some edge-of-breakup tones - yet- has enough dynamic range to let you get your slow blues lead playing on. 

So, rewound 50s P90s, huh? Yep. They sound glorious. The old ones just have something that always makes us smile. More complexity, richer sounding, etc...maybe it's all in our heads? Regardless, these will make any P90 lover smile ear to ear. 

Condition: Excellent. Only light signs of wear (which are minimal), no fret wear, all electronics work as they should. There are some light indentations in the body, back/side edge, where your keys would be in your right pocket if playing seated and two professionally plugged screw holes near the rear strap button. 

This gorgeous '56 inspired LP-style guitar lives up to the hype, no question. Flawless build quality, killer finish work, and a set of rewound (by Throbak) 50's P90s - in short, it feels, sounds, and plays like a killer vintage Les Paul. You want this, trust us. Priced with hardshell case.  


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