Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special (2011)



Like new, 2011 Premier Builders Guild (PBG) Gustavsson Bluesmaster Special just in! 

"Oh, I've heard these aren't that great, you know, the Premier Builders Guild ones."

My friend, you've been lied to. These are incredible guitars and an incredible value. Gene Baker and his team built all of the PBG guitars which included other high-end brands: Koll, Fano, etc...The idea behind the PBG company was to reduce the cost of these brand's guitars, allowing each individual builder to focus on custom orders, while letting Gene and his team handle a "production model" from each brand. As a quick reminder/introduction: Gene was a Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop. Enough said. 

The build quality is immaculate and the Pelham Blue finish is starting to age into the most gorgeous green tinted Pelham Blue we've seen it quite some time - this is the very definition of vibe folks. Johan's body shape takes the classic LP Special to a far more elegant, comfortable place and It balances perfectly either seated or standing. 

The neck is chunky in a late 50s Gibson kind of way and the fretwork is immaculate. This is a comfortable, really easy guitar to play. The overall feel is quite slinky and rewards both lead and rhythm work. 

Tones? Gorgeous. Clarity, punch,'s all here. The Lollar P90s tend to have a touch less midrange (to our ears) than a Gibson P90. While we love the Gibson tone, the Lollars are quite a bit more versatile. This guitar would excel in pretty much any musical environment you put it in. 

Condition: near mint. 

"But I really just want one made by the builder himself, not some other guy...." 

We've heard all the arguments over the years when it comes to PBG guitars. Let's face it, most of us don't own Tele's that Leo built or LP's the Ted McCarty built, right? Trust us, these guitars are phenomenal by anyone's measure. Don't let this rare bird pass you by! Priced with original hardshell case and paperwork. 



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