Super clean 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb just in on consignment! 

Recently serviced by a well-respected local amp tech before being dropped off with us, this '66 Vibrolux has been given a clean bill of health and from our inspection appears as original as one could hope. The only changes we're aware of is a replaced power cable, which is the first thing one needs to do with any amp of this vintage (unless you love getting shocked!). Included is the original dust cover, and while it's seen better days, completes the amp/cover set and does function. 

This amp sounds fantastic and has all the lush, reverb-soaked, high-headroom tones any Fender fanatic could hope for. Don't miss this chance to grab a classic in excellent, near-original (power cable) condition! 

**Please note: There are no known issues with this amp at the time of sale - it functions perfectly on our showroom floor. All vintage amps require regular maintenance to function at their best and should be a consideration for buyers.  


  • Chassis is stamped: A 06390
  • Fender labeled speakers are stamped: 220620
  • Transformer code: 022848 - 606 6 04 

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