Fender Stratocaster (1964)



In on consignment, a wonderful, soulful sunburst 1964 Fender Stratocaster! This guitar has been lovingly played as evidenced by the slight buckle worming on the back (none break through the finish, btw), the light surface scratches and indents scattered around the body on all sides. This example has a great, great vibe - just the right amount of play wear to give it character, but not so much it creates issues. The playability is excellent with medium action. 

Tones? Glorious. The bridge pickup sounds fantastic - lots of Tele-style bite, but still rich and powerful. The middle and neck positions on the 3-way switch add the expected girth and round, bell-like tones to the mix. To our ears, this is what a great Strat is all about (and what modern Strats never seem to capture for some reason).

Condition: The frets are in good shape with no divots in them. There are no cracks in the greenish pickguard, though two corners of the backplate (trem cover) are chipped (the backplate is currently off the guitar and is being stored in the case).

Priced with original hardshell case. Full specs below under "Full Details" tab. 


  • Year: 1964
  • Serial Number: L45495
  • Neck: Stamped July 1964 B, maple / Brazilian rosewood
  • Pots: 20th week of 1964, all original (fully operational with minimal scratchiness)
  • Body: Ash, sunburst
  • Tuners: original Kluson
  • Trem bar: included 
  • Case: o1964 brown/tan hardshell case
  • History: Acquired by current owner on 10/2006; owned by Phil Winfield / Maverick Music 2000-2006; previous ownership, from new, Suzie V. London
  • Weight: 8lbs (though it feels far lighter somehow)

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