"With our builds, we try to blend ease of use with tweak-ability. From every knob sounding good at every point on the dial, to artwork that takes creative ideas and implements them in a simple and expressive way, to top-mounted jacks and dual footswitches on all standard production line pedals...we like to create versatility mixed with smart layouts." - Alex Guaraldi

We're excited to welcome Coppersound Pedals to The Music Emporium! Based in Easton, Massachusetts, the team at Coppersound Pedals have developed several very well designed pedals that we think will appeal to electric players seeking versatile, great sounding, easy-to-dial-in pedals. 

The Strategy Boost is an op-amp based clean boost that can fatten anemic single coil pickups or add sparkle to thick humbucker tones. There's plenty of gain on tap so you can easily go from a subtle boost for solos, choruses, or any other occasion that requires just a bit more volume - or - you can slam the front end of your amp for an incredible, fat-yet-articulate overdrive. 

What impressed us most is how truly transparent this boost is. There are several famous boost pedals that tend to center around the midrange frequencies, which can be undesirable at times. The Strategy Boost has the same fattening abilities, just without the mid hump - excellent! This is simply an awesome boost pedal for those wanting more of their current sound, just louder and without the EQ being heavily altered. And let's face it, it looks incredibly cool!

Note: The Strategy Boost comes in many different color schemes. Looking to match your guitar's color scheme? Give us ring to discuss custom orders.



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