"My passion for restoring and building instruments began in 1982. I have worked for numerous artists who have shaped and inspired the guitars I build today. My designs offer the revered tones and iconic vibe found in great vintage instruments, coupled with refined solid construction, boutique electronics and custom feel." - Bill Asher

We're really excited to have our first Marc Ford Signature Asher in the shop! What an amazingly cool, soulful, tone-filled guitar! Vaguely reminiscent of the Burns Bison visually, this guitar is Marc's vision of a Gibson Jr. / Stratocaster hybrid, with Bill Asher's brilliant guitar making and design skills to make it so. One-piece mahogany body, P90s, long-scale, tremolo, and tone-styler. The guitar plays flawlessly and it's easy to conjure up a wide variety of tones, all squarely rooted in the rock and blues world (that said, this guitar would excel at country and jazz - depends on how you set the controls, your rig, touch, etc...). Through an overdriven amp, the fully engaged tone-styler switch is like having a well behaved fuzz pedal onboard - so, so cool! We can't say enough good things about this guitar. It's all here - amazing tones, feel, and vibe. You definitely don't have anything like this in your collection - familiar yet new at the same time. Priced with a hardshell case. 


  • Serial number: 908
  • One piece mahogany body
  • Trans Cherry nitro
  • 1/4 sawn maple neck with rosewood board
  • D shape neck 
  • 6155 Dunlop frets
  • 1 5/8" nut width 
  • Sweet 90 pickups 
  • 3 way switch, master volume, master tone, tone styler 
  • Weight: 7 3/4 lbs 

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