TME's Spring 2017 Arcara Guitars

Posted by Andy Cambria

If you've followed our website the past couple years, you've likely seen a few guitars made by Portland (Maine) based luthier, Matthew Arcara, disappear shortly after being listed. The last one, which sold to one of our regular customers before we posted it, has engendered the most regular stream of praise in recent memory: even in this customer's very impressive stable, we're told the new Arcara figured mahogany D1 reigns supreme. We've got a rebuild of that guitar started. And what's more, Matt's started our first OM, which promises to be a very special guitar -- a replica of a pre-war belly bridge OM-28 made from some of our own Brazilian Rosewood. We invite you to follow the build process here -- although work has just begun, we'll be posting regular updates. Enjoy!

The OM-28 and D1 begin to take shape:

TME Supplied Brazilian for the OM-28 and a custom 000-28:

Bodies for the OM-28 and a custom 000-28 closed, bound & entering finish:

Bodies for the OM-28 and a custom 000-28 closed finished & having necks set:

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