TME Welcomes Mule Resophonic Guitars

Posted by Andy Cambria

If you're a hardcore follower of the boutique guitar world, you've likely heard of Matt Eich and his wonderful Mule Resophonic brand. We finally got our hands on one of Matt's creations this past year, when a TME customer traded one in (unsurprisingly, it sold in less than a day). The beautiful handcrafted aesthetic, and most importantly, the sound, had us hooked from first strum. We're excited to announce that TME will be the sole American retailer of Mule Resophonic guitars, beginning in 2017 -- and we invite you to follow along in the build process of our first batch right here!

And for a great peek inside the Mule workshop, check out this excellent mini documentary from the folks at Tastemade:

Here's the body of Mule #1 for TME (a single-cone resonator) taking shape:

And the neck for #1:

Here's the body of Mule #2 for TME (a single-cone resonator w/cutaway) taking shape:

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