Collings OM2H vs. Collings OM2H "Traditional"

Posted by Andy Cambria

We're getting a lot of questions about the new Collings "Traditional" appointment package here at TME. The -T models are Collings' attempt to incorporate lighter weight tonewoods and build specs of a 1930's flattop into their already fabulous lineup of acoustic guitars. Rather than wax on about what we think (OK, hint, we're big fans), we enlisted our guitar instructor and lesson center coordinator, Mike Mele, to play a Collings OM2H and OM2H-T back-to-back. Both guitars have 1 3/4" nut widths (the 1 3/4" nut being the only custom feature of the standard OM2H Mike is playing). You can sign up for lessons with Mike, or anyone on the TME staff right here.

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