Seeders 12” Mahogany Custom



Our newest batch of banjos from Seeders Instruments contains a re-build of our most customized instrument to date. This incredibly striking 12" Mahogany banjo features a Honduran Rosewood tone ring under a stained calfskin head. Its sound is remarkable: rich, full and bright all at once, with the perfect mix of warmth and clarity. The inlays are black & white ebony, and the overlays are figured Ziricote. The other thing you'll notice about this banjo when you pick it up is its lightness--there's only a carbon fiber rod in the neck, which keeps things nice and airy. If you're an old-time banjo player looking for something unique with tone to spare, you couldn't do any better. With Superior hard case.


  • 12" Mahogany rim & Mahogany neck
  • Stained Calfskin head
  • Honduran Rosewood tone ring 
  • Ziricote overlays (peghead, rim, heel)
  • Black & White Ebony inlays
  • Custom Green purfling lines
  • Carbon Fiber truss rod (non-adjustable)
  • 25.5" SL

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