"Our mission is to create affordable, professional quality, handcrafted banjos using 100% Native Appalachian Hardwoods" - Pisgah Banjo Company

The Pisgah Banjo company is making incredibly high quality instruments and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better alternative in the modestly priced handcrafted banjo market. This 12" Walnut Possum" is a nice upgrade from their entry level banjos and has the vibe, sound, and playability anyone into old-time banjo demands. The persimmon tone ring offers a great combination of warmth and punch without sacrificing volume. Priced with high-quality Pisgah branded gig bag.


  • Walnut rim and neck
  • Persimmon fretboard and peghead veneer
  • Persimmon tone ring
  • Standard Frailing Scoop
  • Brass hardware
  • Quilted Star Inlay
  • No-Knot tailpiece
  • Pisgah Branded Gig Bag

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