Straight out of Texas! This new "Cottonwood" has the depth of sound we associate with a great Chuck Lee banjo ~ with a bit more pluck and pop courtesy of its Dobson Tone ring. A great banjo with enough vintage vibe for old-time music and a beautiful, woody tone that will make anything you play on it spring to life. And have a look at that amazing "Mermaid Under the Moon" peghead inlay!  Priced with archtop hard case.


  • Dobson Tone ring
  • 1/4" Brass Hoop
  • Pegheadz Tuners
  • Maple rim stained black
  • Curly Walnut neck
  • Hand rubbed Satin Oil Varnish finish
  • "Mermaid Under the Moon" Inlay
  • Archtop hard case

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