In 1960, Chuck Ogsbury started ODE Banjos, with the goal to make exceptional yet affordable instruments. After a 40 year hiatus (spent focusing on the OME banjo line), Chuck and his team are reviving the ODEs, bringing their no-frills, 19th century inspired banjos into the 21st century. The ODE Magician features an 11” slightly heavier, Curly Maple multi-ply tone-rim that is bound with simulated tortoise shell and capped in black. It also features a heavy notched brass tension hoop, 24 rim brackets, and a solid cherry and ebony neck to give a rich and powerful 19th century vintage banjo tone. It's a dream to play and built to last.


  • 11” Multi-ply Curly Maple Tone-rim
  • Simulated Tortoise Rim Binding
  • Heavy Notched Brass Tension Hoop with 24 Brackets
  • Cherry Rim-rod & Renaissance Head
  • Aged Brass & Nickel Hardware, No-knot Tailpiece
  • Wood Armrest Included
  • 25.5” scale length
  • 1.34” nut width
  • Straight Frailing Scoop & Bone String Nut
  • Select North American Cherry Neck
  • Adjustable Neck Rod & Cherry Rim Rod
  • Genuine Ebony Fingerboard, Peghead Overlay, & Heel-cap
  • Planetary Geared Tuners with Aamber Knobs
  • Tung Oil Varnish Finish
  • OME Lightweight well-padded Gig Bag

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