Specifically tuned to the sound of a block-buster 1979 album (okay, it's "The Wall"), the Skreddy P19 emulates the "magic" 70's era fuzz pedal that was somehow clear and articulate on high notes while still fuzzy and aggressive on low notes, without excessive low-end muffiness or high-end fizz. The mids are scooped just enough to keep it from sounding congested, the lows are rolled off just enough to keep it from sounding wooly or boomy, and the highs are gentle, present, and well balanced.

Its clarity will encourage you to dig in and express yourself; it's not an overwhelming "wall of fuzz" type effect. A wide variety of aggressive and clear-sounding applications, particularly excelling in sustaining, biting, legato lead work.

Condition: Excellent. Pedal only, no box. 

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  • SUSTAIN: This controls the intensity of the fuzz and sustain. Different distortion character will come from different settings of this knob. The gain level is very controllable with mild, cool flavors available in the counter-clockwise zone and plenty of heat and zing up in the higher settings.
  • VOLUME: This sets the output volume. You can adjust your Skreddy Pedal to roughly the same volume as your bypass signal (aka “unity gain”) or you can boost your signal for a more cutting tone and better sustain. Recommended setting is just maybe a touch higher than noon.
  • TONE: You'll probably find your favorite sweet spot quickly, and you should also find this control very intuitive, easy to use, and rewarding whenever you want more or less of some certain frequency.
  • FLAT/HUMP: This is the tiny toggle switch at the top, and it sets the midrange content. Toward the left, you get (mostly) flat mids with a touch of a midrange scoop, which is both a nod to the classic BMP design and the dry, "pinched" sound in the guitar solos I targeted with this pedal. Toward the right you get a midrange hump, providing juicy, full-bodied mids for more thickness, saturation, and openness.
  • POWER: All Skreddy Pedals accept the industry-standard 9v DC plug (5.5mm barrel x 2.1mm center coax), with the center being negative and the barrel being positive. Please use a quality, regulated, filtered power supply. 9v battery is not included. To install or change a battery,

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