Unlike other reverb pedals, that have a high octave and spring-like sound, the Prussian Blue is a perfect combination of several classic reverb tones. With a dynamic range five times broader than your ordinary reverb pedal, a high-end natural sound is guaranteed.

Designed by pedal legend, Bjorn Juhl (BJFE), the Prussian Blue Reverb is different from other effect pedals. Bjorn wanted to create a reverb effect that would be useable by guitar and bass players. From Bjorn:

"What I didn't want to do was create an overbearing and powerful spring reverb or a reverb tone produced as a deluding effect at an higher octave. I wanted to pursue the ideal reverb tone but also wanted to highlight the instrument. The custom program is recorded on a 24-bit digital chip. Its dry signal is analog, which is not converted to digital.

Ideal reverb tones for guitarists and bassists are neither spring, hall, nor room. I've created a mixture of all their strengths and brought them to the forefront. To put in more relative terms, it’s closer to the hall tone than to spring but not as bright as hall reverb."


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