"Neunaber Audio Effects designs audio products for the discerning musician, emphasizing high-fidelity sound and balancing simplicity with functionality." - Brian Neunaber

We're thrilled to be carrying Neunaber Audio Effects! The beauty of Brian's pedals is that they're very sophisticated - and gorgeous sounding - but are really intuitive and easy to use. Players like John Scofield, Wayne Krantz, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and David Torn use Brian's pedals - a pretty strong endorsement!

The Immerse Reverberator houses eight stellar stereo reverbs - Wet, Hall, Plate, Spring, Shimmer (x2), Wet+Echo, and Wet+Detune. Each effect has been painstakingly crafted and the results are stunning. This is a gorgeous sounding reverb for those who like to venture beyond simple spring reverb sounds. If part of your style involves creating textures and soundscapes, you're in for a treat. We found ourselves getting lost in the range of tones the Immerse is capable of. 

Delivering unrivaled sound quality and no-nonsense flexibility in a compact footprint, the Immerse can be used with instruments of all stripes. 

Give us a ring or drop us an email if you'd like to learn more or purchase one for yourself (per Neunaber's selling requirements).


  • Five controls: Effect Select, Effect Level, Reverb Depth, Tone (or Echo Time), Effect Adjust (depends on effect)
  • High-quality buffered bypass with external Trails switch
  • External Kill Dry switch for parallel effect loops
  • Inputs/outputs can be used mono or stereo
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
  • Small footprint
  • Requires standard 9V or 12V pedal power supply (not included)
  • Designed and manufactured in California USA

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