"Neunaber Audio Effects designs audio products for the discerning musician, emphasizing high-fidelity sound and balancing simplicity with functionality." - Brian Neunaber

We're thrilled to be carrying Neunaber Audio Effects! The beauty of Brian's pedals is that they're very sophisticated - and gorgeous sounding - but are really intuitive and easy to use. Players like John Scofield, Wayne Krantz, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and David Torn use Brian's pedals - a pretty strong endorsement!

The Echelon Delay is a gorgeous sounding, easy to use delay that'll cover anything from a quick slap-back to Echoplex-esq washes. The Echelon is perfect for players who love creating textures and rely on great delays to do so. With the feedback maxed out, the pedal never runs away like analog delays can (part of their charm to be sure). This is where the Echelon shows its Echoplex-like qualities. It's easy to get into sound-on-sound textures, fully awash in gorgeous tape-like echo. 

A quick note - the Echelon utilizes one of the coolest tap tempo executions we've seen. You can simply tap your foot twice to set the tempo. No holding the switch down for 2 seconds to enter some sort of mode. The tempo you want / need is at your disposal anytime. Easy and awesome. Can you tell we like this one? 

Give us a ring or drop us an email if you'd like to learn more or purchase one for yourself (per Neunaber's selling requirements).


  • Tap tempo with intuitive tap divide
  • 1 second maximum delay time
  • Trails or normal bypass, optional true-bypass available (+$20)
  • Mix knob adjustment from 0% to 100% wet
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
  • Mono input & output
  • Small footprint
  • Does not function with the ExP Controller
  • Requires standard 9V pedal power supply (not included)
  • Made in USA—designed and manufactured in Orange County, California

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