"My goal is to put out pedals that reach new levels of creativity. There's nothing wrong with another overdrive, but I'm reaching for places that people haven't gone." - Josh Scott (JHS Pedals Founder)

We're thrilled to welcome JHS Pedals to the Music Emporium family!

The legendary Tube Screamer. You know it, you love it, you can't live without it. You're in good company given the players who are known for using this smooth, midrange-drenched overdrive - SRV, Trey Anastasio, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, The Edge, on and on and on. This pedal is infamous for good reason. 

Over the years, the Tube Screamer has been a favorite platform for modifications. Why change a good thing? The desire for more gain, a more open sound, more bass, tighter bass, less midrange, etc...Wouldn't it be cool if you could have all of those things in one pedal? \

Enter the JHS Bonzai - the ultimate Tube Screamer. 

The Bonsai utilizes a simple rotary knob to switch through nine classic, vintage, rare, or hard to find variations of the TS.  Each pedal was replicated using JHS's Audio Precision analyzer and various other methods that allowed them to perfectly replicate every aspect of the sound and feel of each unit. It's important to note that the Bonsai is not a "box of mods", it is exact replications of these nine units all housed in one box. Ummmm....yes please! 

Here are the nine modes of the Bonsai...

1) OD-1, 1977 (an overall brighter and slightly higher gain mode)

2) TS-808, 1979 (The classic low gain TS with its signature pronounced midrange)

3) TS-9, 1982 (Nearly identical to the TS-808, but with slightly more low-mids)

4) MSL, Power or L Series, 1985 (A higher gain sound with more low end and an overall more "gooey" feel)

5) TS-10, 1986 (Made famous by John Mayer. Bluesy, crisp, more low end roll-off and low gain)

6) Exar OD-1, 1989 (Polish made TS-style pedal that has a little more gain and a slightly more transparent feel)

7) TS-7 (+mode), 1999 (The hot mode on this version gives you the highest gain sound in the Bonsai, w/more low end and dirt)

8) Keeley Mod Plus, 2002 (Robert Keeley's classic mod tightens up the tone on the original TS giving you smoother midrange and high frequencies, and increased bass response)

9) JHS Strong Mod, 2008 (Cleaner, more powerful, pronounced higher end and low-end drop off)



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