"My goal is to put out pedals that reach new levels of creativity. There's nothing wrong with another overdrive, but I'm reaching for places that people haven't gone." - Josh Scott (JHS Pedals Founder)

We're thrilled to welcome JHS Pedals to the Music Emporium family!

We have to confess, we're huge delay pedal fans. There's a pretty good chance we've owned all of the sought-after ones at one time or another. Needless to say, we were very excited to get our hands on the Lucky Cat Delay and it does not disappoint! 

Before we chat tones, we can't say enough about how cool it is to have such a feature-packed delay pedal that's not the size of a laptop. Tap tempo, Time, Mix, Ratio (for tap tempo control), Repeats, Darken (EQ), a Modulation toggle, and 1000ms of delay time all in a very pedalboard friendly package. Nice!

To our ears, the Lucky Cat is on the warmer side of digital. The attack and clarity that digital delays are known for are present, but any strident or overly brittle top-end are nowhere to be found. Add in a little modulation via the mini-toggle, and the ability to darken the repeats via the Dark control, and the tonal options expand dramatically. It's a really fun and musical setup that has you quickly dialing in tones and playing vs scrolling through a sea of menus. 

-1000ms of classic digital delay

-On board tap-tempo with ratio subdivision control 

-Two modulation settings

-EQ control for the repeats

-Tape/Digital modes

-External tap jack



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