"Jetter Gear made the decision several years ago to keep as much of the build process in-house or closely under our direct control. Our enclosures are designed by us and manufactured locally, our silk screening is all done in-house, our circuit boards are designed in-house and manufactured using military grade materials, and every circuit board is loaded by hand at Jetter Gear. These steps contribute to our dedication to designing and building the most reliable and aesthetically pleasing pedals possible." - Brad Jeter

After having used Brad Jeter's pedals for years on gigs and sessions, we're thrilled to be able to offer Jetter pedals! To our ears, these are some of the most dynamic, amp-like gain pedals we've come across. They're incredibly well made - you can feel the quality the second you pick one up - sound fantastic, and are super reliable. 

The new S.S.S pedal (short for "Secret Strat Sauce") was designed for maximizing the tone and character of single coil pickups. It is a medium gain pedal that stays incredibly tight in lower registers, especially with the neck pickup. 

The goal was to emphasize the unique qualities of single coils, especially as used by players, such as ones named David and Richie. By no means is it limited to single coils, however. It sounds amazing with humbuckers as well!

The extra switch is an added bonus that gives a slight low-mid boost. This is especially helpful when presented with over bright or harsh backline amps, or when a bit more muscle is desired. 


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