"With our builds, we try to blend ease of use with tweak-ability. From every knob sounding good at every point on the dial, to artwork that takes creative ideas and implements them in a simple and expressive way, to top-mounted jacks and dual footswitches on all standard production line pedals...we like to create versatility mixed with smart layouts." - Alex Guaraldi

We're excited to welcome Coppersound Pedals to The Music Emporium! Based in Easton, Massachusetts, the team at Coppersound Pedals have developed several very well designed pedals that we think will appeal to electric players seeking versatile, great sounding, easy-to-dial-in pedals. 

The Foxcatcher is proving to be a really popular pedal in our shop! A really versatile pedal that offers up both Marshall-esq overdrive and clean boost that can be used either combined or independent of one another. Want the boost before the overdrive to kick up the gain level a notch? Simply want the current tone to be louder when the boost comes on? Both are possible via the ingenious mini-toggle switch just under the pedal's volume knob. 

The Foxcatcher works great with single-coils and humbuckers, and there's a great amp-like feel to the pedal which we find really addictive. Everyone who's played our shop demo has really loved it, regardless of playing style. An excellent addition to any pedalboard!

Please see the photos below for a detailed diagram of all its features!


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