A cranked Princeton Reverb. A cranked AC15. For those who've experienced one of these gems turned up, you know that something magical happens. A looseness, a particular type of that is at once warm and fat and yet raw and authoritative. There's something in the low mids, perhaps it's the speaker breakup....whatever it is, it's killer and a hell of a lot of fun to play through. 

Enter this little red box - the Red Rooster Booster from BJFE. It does that sound, and does it incredibly well. We were blown away at how it made our Carr Mercury V sound like a cranked volumes lower than you'd watch your favorite Netflix show (thx to the Mercury's attenuator). Through the Carr Skylark sitting next to it (think small, student model Fender amp), it sounded like a cranked Princeton at the same low volume. 

Sure, other pedals on the market do overdrive and boost very well, no doubt, but there's something in Bjorn's designs that are just so amp like and, well, un-pedal like. If you've ever recorded one of the aforementioned amps and listened back to the solo'd track, you'll hear that characteristic "crackle" of the tubes/speaker breaking up. This pedal does that sound in a way that's incredible given we're talking about a pedal into the front of an amp - and - we were playing at very low volumes. It felt like the real deal too. Given how killer this thing sounds at low volumes, yes, at rehearsal or stage volume we were all grins. Incredible. 

Condition: Paint chips on the chassis (which is to be expected on these pedals), otherwise, all works as it should. 

An outstanding pedal that had us in roots rock-to-cusp of fuzz tones (Fuzz Face) heaven! You want this, trust us. 

**Pedal only, no box or paperwork included. 


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