Bjorn Juhl is the mastermind behind Swedish-based BJFE pedals and we're really excited to have this used Little Red Trebler in the shop! Most will recognize the Mad Professor brand....Bjorn designed these products but didn't make them himself.

This discontinued pedal has been explained as a "Fender amp bright switch in a box" - a pretty apt description, except there aren't any ice-pick-in-the-ear tones to be found (unlike some Fender amps!). Perfect for darker sounding amps or to add some sparkle to humbucker-equipped guitars, this buffered treble enhancer (not a treble booster to clarify, totally different pedal) helps you cut through the mix with ease.

We found the treble enhancement to be really musical and not overly bright / ice-picky. You could have a warmer rhythm tone going and kick this on for lead work, or parts that you want to jump out a little without a huge volume boost. It can be as subtle or dramatic as you want or need. It simply made playing more enjoyable - like we removed the blanket from in front of our amp. Put this last in line on your board, and your other pedals, drives especially, also benefit from the subtle but powerful EQ enhancements.

Condition: Paint chips as w/all BJFE Pedals, works as it should, missing one rubber foot on the back (easily remedied). 

We don't know how Bjorn does it, but we're sold - this is a very cool pedal!

**Pedal only, no box or paperwork included. 


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