"I am a fan of concise pedals with few knobs. I won't use a pedal with several knobs - that shows that the designer didn't know how to finish the pedal and left that for the customer. Pedals that are elegant in their simplicity are best." - Mike Piera 

We're huge fan's of Connecticut-based Analogman and are proud to represent Mike Piera's pedals! Analogman Effects are legendary in the industry and for good reason - these are some of the best sounding, reliable, and well thought out pedals available today.

The Mini Bi-Comp gives you two flavors of compression - a Ross-style compressor circuit (famously used by Phish's Trey Anastasio) and a Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer (perhaps you've heard the tune Sultan's of Swing?).

Translation - one side gives you classic "squish", perfect for accenting your pick attack, the other is a bit more subtle which adds a certain warmth and fatness much like your amp will do when cranked a bit. Awesome to have both flavors on your board - use one with your LP, the other with your Strat or Tele! 



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