A killer sounding Naylor Super-Drive Sixty head just in on consignment!

The Super-Drive 60 head is a 60 watt, all-tube head with an effects loop. It's a single channel design with a Dual Stage Gain Control which adjusts two stages of gain simultaneously, for the smoothest, most gradual transition between clean, overdriven and heavily distorted settings.

There are two parallel speaker output jacks and an impedance selector switch. Amp controls include master, gain, bite, bass, mid, treble, and presence. 

Old-school rock tones for days here, folks. While this amp sounds great clean, kicking up the gain is where this amp shines. A mahogany bodied, P90-equipped Collings 290 sounded incredible and the master volume helped keep the decibels in check. This amp lived in a local recording studio and was used on quite a few records (Converge, etc...). Very cool!

Condition: The tolex is in good shape though there are signs of wear and use - an added D sticker on the logo, previous settings markings on the faceplate (they sounds awesome, btw). The amp works great and we noticed no issues with its performance.

On consignment, no trades please.  


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