"I like to refine my circuits and layouts to the point where they are so simple that it's almost a joke. Each time I build an amplifier I refine it more and more. The goal is not to make it easier to build or save money - a simple amp circuit just tends to sound best." -Tim Marcus

Just took delivery of 2 limited edition 18 Watt Tweed amps from Milkman and, man oh man, these are such a blast to play! 

The 18W Tweed is a limited run collaboration between Tim Marcus of Milkman Sound and Billy Rowe from Rock 'n' Roll Relics. The amplifier is an homage to an early cathode biased version of the Fender Tremolux, which is known to be one of the great low power amplifiers of all time. 

This is a single channel amp with controls for volume, tone, tremolo speed, and depth. There are two instrument inputs for high and low signal level. The preamp is 12AX7 based with extended top end presence. Tremolo and phase inversion are combined into the second 12AX7 which cascades to a 6V6 push/pull power amp. A 5Y3 rectifier tube gives this amp a classic "touch sensitive" feel along with the cathode biased power section. 

The oversize cabinet is artfully aged by Billy Rowe and was designed from an original later period Tremolux. Milkman designed a custom control plate, which has also been aged, and the cabinet features a deluxe leather handle from El Dorado Guitars. The Celestion Alnico Blue speaker comes standard. 

Like all Milkman amps, the 18W Tweed is build onto a custom garolite turret board with Mercury Magnetics transformers, Jupiter capacitors, and cloth covered wire. 



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